Ask us About Our Future of technology

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Green AirWays

Hey guys have a look at some of the wierdest airplains going to be made in the future 
it looks like an a U.F.O dosent it. and last but not least

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Future of Metro PCS

Hey guys. Have you heard about the new metro phone? If you haven here is a picture.
The Samsung Craft
Ok soo reviews are coming in. This is the first LTE (long term evolution) Phone.
It runs on Metro PCS with no contract. It costs $299.99.
This is NOT a smart phone, its a Feature phone.
Some people are not happy with it because they say its a little laggy and slow for a 4g phone.
We are really excited For this phone.
So tell us, Are you going to get this phone?Do you think its worth it?
Leave a comment and well answer it.

Future Watches

Watches now-a-days are not really popular. People use their phones for instead.
We want to show you guys some awesome Future watches. This will change everything
you thought about watches. Take a Look.

The Future of watches!
Do you think These watches will be popular? What Do you think?
I'm sure gonna get one of those babies!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Future of Laptops

Laptops come in many sizes, Big, medium, small. Here are some High Tech Laptops:
What Do you think About these Laptops? Leave  comments below and well answer them ASAP.

New Handheld Battles 2010-1011

We know lots of handheld gadgets that came out in 1009-2010.
Here are two HOTTEST gadgets coming in 2010-2011.
Our first Phone. The Psp Phone. There are not many specs about this yet but it will run Android 2.0
The Nintendo 3ds. We finally get gaming in 3d and NO glasses. Anyway it will have a dsiware same with the  intendo dsi. This Product will come in Q1, 2011.
  • 230 grams
  • SD card slot (Nintendo will bundle a 2GB with all systems)
  • 2 Cameras to take 3D pictures.
  • Multitasking could come on the 3ds.
*As more info will come in we will update the page.*